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Die, Flesh, Die!


Are we willing to walk the walk, or are we satisfied just talking the talk?

I’m currently in a situation (an email war of sorts) where my “flesh man” wants to take over. I have to constantly (and I do mean CONSTANTLY) choose whether or not I will allow the “flesh man” to choose my words for me, or if I will let my “Spirit man” speak.

I find myself writing sentences that make my flesh feel good (REAL GOOD! In a “Take THAT!” Sort of way.). But they make my spirit hurt. As a result, the backspace button gets it’s workout! Delete, delete, delete!

It’s not always easy to submit to the “Spirit man”. But, when we do, we find peace. A fleshly response/action may feel good on a pride level, but a spiritual response will feel good on a much deeper level, if we allow it.

Where the enemy (flesh) brings temporary satisfaction, The Lord (Spirit) brings lasting fulfillment.

Lets put on our Spirit shoes today, and leave the Flesh shoes to rot.




Today’s devo selection:

Empty Shoes
By: Patricia Day

In church yesterday, a little boy fidgeted in his seat. He wanted to move to another place rather than sit quietly in his seat. As minutes ticked by he gave up his efforts and resolved instead to remove his shoes. I suppose he thought if he couldn’t walk then why keep them on?

So off the shoes came and he curled up in his chair eyeing all who were around him instead. The shoes sat empty on the floor – he had no use for them if he couldn’t get down and move around. He chose to give up – which in this instance was probably a good thing; he could have been distracting as he did things his way.

Jesus longs for us to follow Him in all His ways. He asks us to walk in His shoes! He wants us to walk His way because it will lead us to a better place and yet, so many of us choose not to. We want to walk on our own chosen path in life, whether it is comfortable or not! We won’t persevere in doing things His way because we feel it would be too hard for us. We prefer to remain in our unfulfilling lives, in other words we give up!

The shoes that Jesus gives us are always a good fit, the trouble is we won’t know it unless we try them on and walk in them. Just as the little lad discarded his shoes because he no longer felt a need for them, we do the same to Jesus as we decide to go it alone and do things our way.

Proverbs 10:9 He who walks with integrity walks securely, but he who perverts his ways will become known. (NKJV)

Prayer: Abba, we don’t want to remain empty and unused. We want our lives to be meaningful and worthwhile. We choose to follow You and we choose Jesus to lead us to the path designated for us alone. In His mighty Name, Amen!

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