Would You Drop Everything?


My son and I were nearly killed this morning in traffic. Our lives were spared at the last moment when I felt something physically take my hand on the steering wheel and jerk us quickly to safety in the lane next to us. It was divine intervention. I had my own plans (braking and honking). The Lord had different plans. He saw what I couldn’t see with my own eyes. He saw our lives were in jeopardy and intervened. Some may say, “No, Sarah, those were your reflexes.” I can assure you, there were no reflexes involved. I encounter these situations daily, I wasn’t phased by what was happening (someone running a light and turning in front of me). I was calm and doing what I normally do. It was the Lord who moved us.

I’ve been contemplating the situation all day (as well as a few other situations). Why were we spared? People die everyday. No one person more deserving than the next. What was the Lord trying to show me? I could’ve lost my son. My son could’ve lost me. Our family could’ve lost both of us.

I figured I wasn’t spared so I could sit on the couch and watch tv. ;0) So I decided to get up and get my cleaning done.

While cleaning the bathrooms, I was praying. Who doesn’t! Wait is it just me who does that? :0) Anyway, I wasn’t praying anything in particular, not an organized prayer by any means, no words. More just an open heart to the Holy Spirit..letting Him flow into my heart, soul and mind without barriers. That’s my favorite kind of “prayer”. More of an invitation for His input, I suppose.

I heard Him say these words to my spirit, “If you had to lose everyone and everything dear to you in order to follow Me, would you?”

My first thought was instinctively, “Yes, Lord.”

Then I saw snippets of everyone I love in my life, every thing I have that I hold dear. Every sunny day. Every healthy breath. My family. My best friends. My car. My home. My bed. My dogs. My mind. My abilities.

Again, I hear, “If you had to lose everyone and everything dear to you in order to follow Me, would you?”

Again, with a lump in my throat, “Yes, Father. Even if I have to lose everything, I choose You.”

I ache to my core to think of losing people in order to follow Christ and His will. But if it means He is pleased in me, if it means I get to spend eternity with Him, I will. He is my first love.

I want to encourage you to stay on the path. To keep Him first, even when it hurts. Even when your flesh cries out in anguish and you can’t understand why His way is best. One day it will all make perfect sense, but it doesn’t have to make sense now. We have to be like Simon and Andrew. We need to drop everything, and follow.

When we are standing face to face with the Almighty God, it will all make perfect sense.

I think we were spared today because I needed a reminder that everything here on earth fades, it can be gone in an instant, but He remains.

He’s asking for us to go deeper. To let go of the things we have a death grip on, and refocus our attention on Him. It’s not our agenda that matters, it’s His. We need to make His agenda our agenda.


Mark 1:18The Voice (VOICE)

18 Simon and Andrew left their nets and followed Jesus at once.




19 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lisa Conrad on October 15, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    I’ve got chills! And tears in my eyes! And I am ashamed to admit that I don’t know if I could have responded so quickly to the question you were asked. Could I really lose my loved ones to follow Christ? That is a very scary question. My heart aches just thinking of it. I see Him in them every day. Where would I find Him? Where would I see Him? Would he show me other avenues and heal my heart or would I have no recollection of the life I had led? Maybe I am not as faithful as I would like to believe, or trusting, or a follower? I guess these are all things I must work on…


    • Oh you are not alone! I have no clue how I’d get through it without Him. But I know time and time again in the Bible he showed up when all was lost and brought restoration. He makes all things new! Anyway..emotional day!! I’m glad I have you, my friend, and I hope I always do!


    • Also, it’s so interesting how you interpreted His words to me. How they hit you differently. For me, I was seeing losing people in a relationship sense, not to death. Of course death also came to mind, but the relationship was the main point to my “vision”.


  2. I’m so glad you and you son are OK and I absolutely believe it happened just as you said. Been there, done that and know plenty others who have too. Years ago I began working on a book and one day I was out on my deck when God asked me a very similar question. And it wasn’t just once.. I couldn’t answer yes then, and I’m not sure I can now.. I don’t ever want to make a vow I might not keep. But I know that just hearing the question has changed my life. God bless.


  3. Wonderful, thought provoking post. I am glad you’re both okay.


  4. Posted by Patrick on October 16, 2014 at 11:44 am

    Sarah, Isn’t it amazing when we can see God’s directing our lives? I too like to pray like you, just talking to God throughout the day in whatever I am doing. Keeps us connected to the important things in life…those around us. Patrick


  5. Posted by Marla on October 19, 2014 at 7:33 am

    Wow Sarah! Praise God you are ok! And I Love Love Love this devotion!!! 🙂 I didn’t see it on fb- and finally got to read my email. Such a good word ❤ I'm clicking "love" and sharing 😉


  6. Sarah, I love you! And I LOVE our God!! I’m SO glad you guys are okay.

    Even though I am reading this (so many days later), I couldn’t help but wonder — if anything like this were to happen, (would I have known? I got lost deep in thought; thinking to myself — can you imagine having to always wonder what ever happened to Sarah (?) I got so sad that I had to interrupt the thought. Yet let’s be clear you guys would be the ones instantly in the presence of the God you’ve been serving/loving so faithfully. It’s just the rest of us (me) who would be devastated : (

    But back to this: There is truly SO much truth in everything you’ve said Sarah… I don’t doubt whatsoever that God DID this–pulled you out of harms way! The other side of the coin for me is very EXCITING!! it makes me anticipate what the JOURNEY ahead looks like for the 2 of you! He knew your days before there was even (one) Psalm 139…

    You’re both here because HE’s clearly not done using you down here just yet right? And Oh’ how beautifully He’s using you to continue to make a difference in the lives of SO many! I am so grateful God sent you my way!

    Thank you for the admonition to press on and to be even more intentional with EVERY single minute we’ve got…

    I Love you!


    • Marlene!

      You always find a way to lift me up and push me forward to the next level at the same time. I forever appreciate your presence in my life and think of you often!

      Your comment about having to wonder what ever happened to me made me also think then if it had happened to you and I was the one to wonder! One thing is for sure, even if we lose eachother here on earth, in Eternity we will find eachother again! What a blessed day that will be.

      Love you lots, my sister!


    • Also…I couldn’t help it think, really Lord? You have more for ME to do? I’m really helpful to YOU? You need me? WOW. We are definitely His hands and feet! Part of the body!


  7. Very inspirational. Your story clearly demonstrates that God is still in the business of intervening on our behalf when we are in face of danger. There’s something that I often hear people say what you don’t see is far greater than what you see with your natural eyes. Follow the Lord is not an easy undertaking, there’s no scripture that promises us that everything will always go fine, but one thing that we can be sure of is that God will always be with us every step of the way.


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