Update, Update, Pray All About It!


Hello, friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on my brother. He went in for an MRI which showed cysts on his pancreas, but showed no cancer! So that was great, and very encouraging. He then went in to the pancreatic specialist where he told him to go back on the liquid diet for a week (he’s never truly gotten off of the liquid diet! He’s still waiting to eat a “real” meal for two months now), that week ends tonight. Tomorrow he will go in to the hospital so this specialist can perform a scope, where they will examine his insides further and see what’s going on. Since he will already be under anesthesia, they will put a feeding tube in as well. He will be able to go home tomorrow.

He will have the feeding tube for a month, which will allow the “food” to completely bypass the pancreas. This will allow his pancreas to rest fully, and hopefully recover. The specialist is hoping to have him fully recovered by the time Matt & Laura’s baby is born, which is late October. We are joining him in that hope!

Anyway, Matt is upbeat and optimistic, he’s refusing to be depressed or worried. He’s excited for the feeding tube, he will finally have nourishment!!

Our GodParents are in town for a visit, perfect timing! They were able to go and anoint him with oil and pray over him tonight. What a blessing!

Matt also told me today that their new baby, a girl, will be named (middle name) after me! Her full name will be Hailey Sarah. Ahh! What an honor! I’m thrilled and can’t wait to meet her. October can’t come fast enough!

On another note, my husband’s uncle Tim was in a horrible motorcycle accident last night and is suffering severe injuries, in critical condition. He’s got multiple broken bones, swelling on the brain, and internal bleeding. Please lift him up in prayer.

One of my besties has two family members in the hospital right now, please keep them and their family in prayer as well.

My daughter’s elementary school music teacher’s son died over the weekend in a river accident, please lift that family and all involved in prayer. Her son had just been married a few weeks ago.

Praise Report: The sun came up today! We have another day of air to breathe! God is good!

Thanks for lifting everyone up in prayer, I pray for you often as well! If you have a specific prayer need, please feel free to leave it in a comment below, or email me at mrsmendiola@me.com

You are blessed!


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  1. nice post. very well written., this is very interesting post. thanks for sharing.


  2. Posted by Redneck Garage on July 24, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    Wow Sarah!!! Your family and friends have been through the valley of the shadow of death. This is one of those times when the Holy Spirit knows what we need and intercedes for us. I will try to remember to pray for you and your family and friends (I’m being truely honest because most of the time my brain is on overload from my own valley of problems). Godspeed, Patrick


    • Oh boy has it ever! And it’s funny, I was just thinking of that scripture on the valley of the shadow of death this morning. So your comment is confirmation. We shall fear no evil, for He is with us! Thanks for the prayers, mine are with you as well. I so appreciate you being part of my blog family!


      • Posted by Redneck Garage on July 24, 2013 at 11:03 pm

        You’re welcome. I’m amazed how many brothers and sisters in Christ I have found on WordPress (one must look carefully). Psalm 23 came to mind right away. In short my valley: my wife is a breast cancer survivor (in the fifth year) but with collateral damage; I have had two spine surgeries 16 months apart (last one was the end of February 2012); I have another disc (next one up) that also needs surgery; our marriage is being challenged by everything that has happened over the past five years. I have a yellow sticky note on my computer that reminds me each morning “It’s a new day”.

      • Sounds like a great testimony in the making! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. But we can’t take hope in the fact that even though we may shake, or even fall, we won’t stay down. Because He will always lift us up out of the mire and hide us under His wing. I also fight back pain, although I’ve not had any surgeries. One of our dear friends fought breast cancer as well, she’s still in the recovery stages. My godfather has been diligently fighting cancer as well, for 19 years. Life sure gets messy! I will pray specifically for your back, your wife’s continued recovery, and for the strengthening of your marriage as well. You’re not alone on this journey, you have back-up! May The Holy Spirit flood you with peace at this moment, and give you hope unquenchable. Our future is bright in Him! In Heaven we will dance on streets of gold, and all of our present struggles will be no more. Good night, my friend!

  3. Sarah, it’s great to hear there’s no cancer. I wish him well, and will keep him in prayers. Great he’s going home tomorrow!


    • Thanks so much, I appreciate it very much! He actually got to go home this afternoon, thank goodness.

      Today’s update for anyone interested:

      Matt came through the procedures just fine, and is home doing well. The doctor said today after the procedure that the cysts on his pancreas were not alarming to him, but that he doesn’t like that Matt’s pancreas is still swollen..so that’s why he has the feeding tube now. The doc will monitor him closely over the coming weeks and expects improvement! He says in a year from now, he hopes this will all be just a memory for Matt. I agree!


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