Happy Stinkin Birthday?


Well today was my birthday.

I don’t like my birthday. I don’t like the parties, and refuse to have them. I don’t like all of the attention. It’s usually a day I dread. But this year I’ve been so busy that I didn’t remember it was even approaching, much less have time to dread it. And, it was a great day!! It was low key, and my family spoiled me in ways that I love. My husband made me a special breakfast, and he made me a delicious dinner! He even quietly, and by himself, presented me with a birthday cookie (complete with candle) and sang Happy Birthday! My kids made awesome cards for me. My daughter went out of her way to make sure her house chores were done to my liking (I’m a bit of a clean freak). My son was his normal silly and loving self. My parents came to visit, too! AND, I even got the whole family to sit, AND ENJOY, a movie I wanted to see (Parental Guidance)!!!

The point is…I didn’t dread the day, and as a result, I loved the day! And that, my friends, is what I like to call a growing moment!

As you face another day, choose to embrace it instead of dreading it. I think you’ll find life is a lot more enjoyable.

Anyway, I found the devo below for today, and appreciated the perspective the author offered. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. Have a great day!




Today’s devo selection:

That Final Crossing
Seasons of Change: A Birthday Devotional
Found at: http://www.mychristiandevotionalblog.com

Waking to the sounds of little girl whisperings, I remembered that the
day was a special one – my birthday.

I pretended to be asleep while I let my daughter sneak into our bedroom
“unnoticed” and ask my husband for
help with the griddle.

Mmmm pancakes and no work on my

Now, that’s what I call the start of a special day!

I’ve heard that when some people get to a “certain age” birthdays are no fun anymore. In fact, they become a dreaded day. But I don’t know, maybe I haven’t gotten to that stage yet, or maybe I never will.

Because when you really think about it –birthdays just bring us one year closer to Jesus.
A former pastor of mine sends out a fresh birthday message each year to everyone
on his mailing list.

In this year’s note, he congratulated me on crossing another milestone of years in my journey of life.

I liked his imagery of the “crossing” and he even brought it back at the end of the letter saying:

“May our wonderful Lord … bless you and help you in the days ahead as you prepare for the crossing of that final milestone of life.”

My former pastor, well into his 80s himself, joyfully reminded me that death is not an end all – but simply a crossing over for the Christian into his/her next phase of life – where we get to live in heaven with Jesus himself.

Life’s “crossings” can be interesting can’t they? I guess I would define them as seasons of change. Sometimes they are visible like a move or a job switch – and sometimes they can be spiritual and represent growth in our walk with Christ.

Throughout history, mankind has had some pretty serious “crossings” that affected large groups of people.

As a historical fiction buff, I’ve read my fair share of stories about the Oregon Trail.
I loved reading about the grit and endurance of the pioneers during this epic crossing.

The experience of the Oregon Trail changed lives and is an incredible study on the human

I think also of the crossing of the Israelites who took their first shaky steps
out on the dry ground of the Red Sea as they moved towards an uncertain future.

As walls of water surrounded them on both sides and their enemy pursued from
behind, the Israelites crossed on over to a whole new life that would require
serious steps of change and growth.

That morning of my birthday, as my family busily prepared my special breakfast, I took a quick peek into our butterfly habitat.

Earlier in the summer, we had found a small caterpillar in our parsley patch and brought it inside to witness its metamorphosis. It wasn’t long, after it had had its fill of the parsley we picked for it, that it changed into a chrysalis.

And that morning I was greeted by the fluttering of wings! Our little friend had made his own crossing during the night, and I was greeted by a beautiful black swallowtail with wings that reminded me of the stained glass windows on an old country church.

I knew it was my birthday gift — what a wonder!

And when we released it a few moments later, my heart fluttered at the sight of it as I saw that butterfly embrace its next stage of life.

No, birthdays aren’t so bad. Not when there’s cake and the promise of a bright future that will last even after the candles have long since gone out.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by michael quintana on April 25, 2013 at 12:28 am

    Missed the part where Collin and i sang you an amazing song.

    But is cool!

    Happy birthday friend!
    Love ya!


  2. O’ Sarah!! How did I miss it? Happy (belated) Birthday!!! And what a beautiful day you had. SO glad to see a happy ending–to you liking your birthday! The devo was right on what a great God we serve! Many, Many more to you and GO April Babies!!! (smile)


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